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Club Meetings: Meetings are on the Friday nearest the full moon each month.
Check our Events page for each month's meeting location.
Business Correspondence: The club's official mailing address for business correspondence is
PO Box 261, Dundee, IL 60118.

Our club is based in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. With a wide range of interests, experience, and equipment, our membership is over 150, making us one of the largest astronomy clubs in the mid-west. Here you can find out about our public meetings, star parties, and the benefits of becoming a member. Thanks for visiting, and clear skies.


Astronomy Day
with the
Northwest Suburban Astronomers
and the
Harper College Department of Physical Sciences

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Harper College

Building Z


Explore the wonders of the universe... see the moon, planets, stars, and galaxies.

On Saturday, May 11th. - RAIN or SHINE - we will host an informative and entertaining celebration of astronomy beginning at 5:30 pm.


If the skies are clear, telescopes will be available for viewing a variety of celestial objects.

NSA members will be on hand to answer any questions and conduct general tours of the night sky.

But don’t stay away even if it’s cloudy.  Inside the school will be a wide variety of shows, demonstrations, and exhibits.

Email us here for more information.

Download the 2019 flyer by clicking the above image.

Download the 2019 flyer by clicking the above image.

Programs scheduled for 2018 .
Every 15 minutesZ128Craft Projects for ChildrenSuzy WeberMake a moon phase flip book. Astronomy word search and coloring activities.
6:30 to 8:30Z130Astro BingoHarper College Astronomy Club Play a game of Bingo while learning about astronomy!
6:00 PMZ102NASA vs SpaceXDean MikolajczykSee what a new kind of space race looks like as we explore NASA vs the commercial space activities of SpaceX.
6:00 PMZ117Curious Exoplanet Scientists Want To Know: Is There Life on Earth?Dale DellutriSkokie Valley Astronomers Club member Dale Dellutri will explore whether scientists on other planets could determine if there is life on Earth.
6:00 PMZ119Planet Earth as ArtJim PlaxcoThis presentation asks the audience to consider planet Earth as a work of natural art based on a collection of images taken by remote sensing, Earth-orbiting satellites. Scenes include cities for scale, river deltas, lakes, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, clouds, deserts, and sediment flows.
6:00 PMZ123The Universe through ImagingTom AuchterLearn about different types of celestial objects, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies through astronomy images.
7:00 PMZ102Up Close and Personal with Two Planetary Giants Kevin ColeSee some of the exciting discoveries made by the Cassini Mission at Saturn and the Juno Mission at Jupiter.
7:00 PMZ117NASA Aerospace Scholarship ExperienceMallory DrevlineThis Harper student earned a trip to NASA through a vigorous competition for the coveted NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars program (NCAS). Join us as Mallory explains what her experience was like.
7:00 PMZ119When Galaxies CollideBhasker MoortheyDid you know our galaxy is a neighborhood bully that eats its companions? One day it will meet its match in the Andromeda Galaxy and things won’t end well. In this talk, you will learn all about galaxies including what happens when two of them collide.
7:00 PMZ123How Did the Sun Get Here?Roger KolmanThe Sun is our most important star, yet we still don’t know how it got here. In this presentation, we will explore some of the potential formation mechanisms of our star.
8:00 PMZ102Mysteries of the Cosmos: The Search for Alien LifeJim KovacJoin the hunt for alien life in the Solar System, extending the search to Triton, the ice moon of distant Neptune, and to extreme micro-environments on our home planet Earth.