NSA Club

Northwest Suburban Astronomers

Club Meetings: Meetings are on the Friday nearest the full moon each month.
Check our Events page for each month's meeting location.
Business Correspondence: The club's official mailing address for business correspondence is
PO Box 261, Dundee, IL 60118.

Our club is based in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago. With a wide range of interests, experience, and equipment, our membership is over 150, making us one of the largest astronomy clubs in the mid-west. Here you can find out about our public meetings, star parties, and the benefits of becoming a member. Thanks for visiting, and clear skies.


2019 Officers

President — Mike Schiller
Schedules and presides over monthly officers meeting; assisting other club officers in setting club goals and establishing club policy and direction.

VP Programs —  Tim Klepaczyk
Actively seeks out and schedules speakers/demonstrators/programs for the program portion of the monthly meetings. Initiates and schedules special programs (other than observing sessions) such as visits to astronomical sites of interest. Compiles and maintains a list of programs and other presentation materials (i.e. slides, videotapes) available to club members.

VP Observing — Ric Ashley
Organizes and schedules the observing and activities calendar for the year as soon as possible at the beginning of the year. This includes: observing dates and sites, special events, Public Observing Sessions, Spouses and Space, Wildcat Mountain, Solar Observing Sessions, etc.

VP Social Activities, Publicity, and Membership — John Schwartz
Organizes social activities and field trips for club members and their spouses, children or significant others in order for them to become better acquainted with each other and (or) with club activities. Is responsible for club publicity and is the first point of contact for new club members.

Treasurer — Gil Geiman
Collect club dues at meetings for new or renewal memberships and issue receipt for said dues. Issues club membership cards and maintains the club membership records. Handles all club finances and gives a general report of club finances.

Secretary  — Robert Pease
Takes minutes at the monthly NSA meetings and keeps a record of those minutes on file in a historical archive. Is responsible for all club correspondence and filing of club incorporation papers.

Astronomy Day — Charlie Klingel
Establishes a committee of members, at least four or five months before Astronomy Day, to assist with the coordination and completion of the tasks needed to prepare for Astronomy Day. Solicits volunteers from the membership to perform the tasks needed to prepare for Astronomy Day.

Newsletter Editor — Edith Auchter
Volunteer who handles designing, collecting, arranging, and publishing the club newsletter entitled the “The Celestial Log”.
Astronomical League Correspondent (ALCOR) — Jerry Maynard
Volunteer who represents NSA when corresponding with the Astronomical League.