NSA Club

Northwest Suburban Astronomers

Club Meetings: The NSA Club meets in the Willow Recreation Center (lower level meeting room at the address above) on the Friday nearest the full moon each month.
Business Correspondence: The club's official mailing address for business correspondence is
PO Box 895, Dundee, IL 60118.

Our club is based in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago.  With a wide range of interests, experience, and equipment, our membership is over 150, making us one of the largest astronomy clubs in the mid-west.  Here you can find out about our public meetings, star parties, and the benefits of becoming a member.  Thanks for visiting, and clear skies.

November NSA Club Meeting

Proto-Solar System Formation

Yoram Lithwick, Associate Professor, Dept of Physics and Astronomy at Northwestern University

Professor Lithwick will  speak on the topic of Proto-Solar System Formation, an area of research and simulation he has been involved with for the past several years at Northwestern University. Professor Lithwick works on a variety of topics in theoretical and computational astrophysics. He is especially interested in planet formation, including both the early and late stages of this process. For the early stages, he is interested in the dynamics of the gas disk that surrounds a newlyformed star, and for the late stages he is interested in how planetesimals accumulate into planets, and what sets the architecture of the resulting planetary system. Other topics he works on include the formation of cosmological dark matter halos, magnetohydrodynamic turbulence (MHD) turbulence, and gamma-ray bursts.